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“Our goal is to find ways we can lower cost, improve service and  assist our customers in finding and implementing the very best in Voice, Data, and Cloud Services available. “

We Know What Works

In today’s highly competitive business environment, growing businesses must continually strive to increase revenue, penetrate new markets, and maximize productivity while controlling costs and keeping customers satisfied.

Panagea Networks is dedicated to helping our customers create new opportunities for growth and new sources of profitability by developing tailored business solutions to meets their business needs.

Target All The Right Solutions

Panagea Networks offers global services, with customers spanning multiple industries. We understand that a business solution is more than just technology … a business solution is based on your business strategy, objectives, and competitive challenges.

Easily Expand – As You Interact With Your Business

Panagea Networks enterprise business solutions enable our customers to transform the way they interact with their customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Solutions Expert

Gina Winterstein

Gina Winterstein

Founder & CEO


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Galena, Ohio



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